Keeping with Tradition

We produce pure vegetable hard milled soaps in keeping with the time-honored tradition of French soap making.

What makes La Lavande Soaps special? All La Lavande soaps are made in France from natural ingredients. Our Soaps are both cleansing and moisturizing, helping to counteract the dryness from frequent hand washing. La Lavande soaps have natural, vegetable oil-based ingredients such as Sweet Almond Oil and Shea Butter and our prices are exceptional.  Our soaps are NEVER made with synthetic oils such as mineral oil or petroleum, and there are no detergent drying substances.

Triple Milling, also know as French Milling, is a process of mixing the soap that produces an extraordinarily high-quality soap that lathers well and is facial quality.  A byproduct of the triple milling process is that the soap becomes long-lasting, where one bar can suffice for months in proper conditions. Additionally, La Lavande soaps are put through the milling process a minimum of three times and each run occurs twice, so in many instances, our soap is actually milled 6 times!

Yes. Health experts have found that washing your hands regularly with soap and water is one of the best approaches to staying healthy and virus free.

We only use high quality vegetable oils in La Lavande soaps. No animal products are used.

None of our products are tested on animals, although our animals love to be washed with La Lavande Unscented Olive Oil Soaps.
Our exfoliating soaps are made with natural plant ingredients that create a slightly bumpy texture similar to a loofah.  Many of our customers use this as a bath and shower bar daily for sloughing off dead skin cells on arms and legs.  Others use the enjoyable texture multiple times per day as a hand soap.  We suggest testing each exfoliating soap before using it all over to see which soaps are right for you.

Normally when folks ask us this question we find out what soap they are presently using and frequently find that they are using a harsh commercial soap with chemical ingredients. Even soaps marketed for sensitive skin will often have synthetic oils and additional chemicals. Since La Lavande French Soaps are natural and mild with nourishing vegetable oils, new customers are amazed at the gentle, effective and enjoyable response to transitioning to our soap. For customers with significant sensitivities or medical conditions, we recommend our traditional unscented Marseille Cubes or a lightly scented soap such as Milk or Honey. Contact us anytime for questions or to find a product that is right for you.